You Can Now Get This IG-famous ‘Bomb Pie’ From FrozenMNL

FrozenMNL, an innovative curated frozen food delivery service, recently debuted a new selection of frozen delights that can be ordered from its website.

Among the new products are participants of the recently concluded Ultimate Taste test: Master Edition such as the Bomb Pies of the Butter Bros and the Mushroom Sisig by Kabute.

A perfect choice for dessert lovers is a New York-inspired pastry called the Bomb Pie, a custard-filled buttery oat crusted pie. This IG-famous treat is perfect with black coffee for breakfast or afternoon snacks. A creation by two thoughtful home bakers, this pie has been growing quite the following on social media.

The Mushroom Sisig by Kabute farms is a healthy treat and you won’t believe it’s not the usual pork sisig. This sisig made of oyster mushrooms, native onions and chili spices. This Mushroom Sisig is best paired with rice and your favorite sisig condiments like a fresh egg, calamansi and toyo. Kabute Farm is from the mountains of Banahaw and their ready sisig packs are convenient to prepare.

Butter Bros Bomb Pies and the Mushroom Sisig are just two of the latest in FrozenMNL’s growing roster of easy to order, chilled treats. curates chilled and frozen food selections made for those who want to prepare easy meals for their homes. It has an extensive selection of ready to eat meals, snacks and including a wide variety of ice creams and desserts. For orders, visit