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Vegan Gift Bundle


The same healthy goodness in a bundle. Perfect for any occasion, this bundle is the best gift for family and friends to enjoy. 

Each Gift Bundle comes with:

  • a locally made handwoven bag
  • a ribbon
  • a thoughtful dedication card

    Note: We prepared a special dedication card for you. Kindly provide the recipient's and sender's name on the Special Instructions Box in your Shopping Cart before checking out.

    Bag of 2
    Bag of 4
    Additional Information
    Additional Information

    Heating Instructions

    1. Bring out of the freezer for thawing.

    2.Two ways to heat

    • Using a pan: Remove from plastic and transfer to pan. Pan fry on low heat for 3-5 minutes.
    • Using a microwave: Remove from plastic and transfer to a microwaveable container. Reheat on high setting for 1-2 minutes.

    3. Serve while hot and enjoy!

    Cooking Tip: Best served with egg, calamansi or hot sauce!

    Storage: Keep Frozen


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