Kabute Farm Mushroom Sisig Honest Review

Sisig is probably one of my favorite Filipino dishes (along with lechon, and all the other unhealthy Filipino dishes that are oh-so-good). But as you can see, they’re also pretty unhealthy. So I was pretty excited when I saw The Kabute Farm ad pop up on my news feed. In the past, I’ve always wondered who the heck gets enticed by Facebook ads, but I now stand corrected. Half the restaurants I end up buying from invariably was because of an ad that I saw. I swear, when I’m hungry, Facebook and Instagram knows just when to show me the mouthwatering food photos (with discounts!!!!).

Well, I thought – why not? Let me try right? Plus!!! Masarap Ba posted about this and said it was oh-so-good, so that really solidified my decision to buy.

But first, quick background. The Kabute Farm is established in Mt. Banahaw, Lucban, Quezon – and the mushroom sisig that you get is made with natural, organic and non-GMO based ingredients. It’s not vegan though, because there are traces of mayonnaise and egg in the mix. But overall – they claim that they are SIGNIFICANTLY healthier than the normal pork sisig, but tastes exactly the same

So does it live up to this bold claim?

It’s GOOD!!!!! So technically, the mushroom sisig pack is ready to heat. But I decided to add more onions and egg on top as well. You can never go wrong with onions and egg.

Essentially, I cooked the following:

  • 3 onions, chopped – cooked first until it became more translucent in color
  • 600g Kabute Farm Mushroom Sisig (equivalent to 2 packs) – pan-fried over low heat
  • 4 egg – mixed with the sisig

    Ohlala, so yummy!! It’s really crispy! So if I didn’t know this was made from mushroom, I probably wouldn’t notice the difference. But since I did know it was made from mushroom, I guess I was able to notice how certain parts were a bit more “mushroom-y” in texture when in comparison to normal pork. But honestly, if I didn’t know, I would NEVER have noticed.

    Truly reminiscent of pork

    Ok, I am super happy with this find. I assume it’s healthier because they said so and it’s made from mushrooms. Ergo, I have happily ordered another 5 packs for my family (buy the bundle so you get a slight discount!) HAHAHA!! WOOOO SISIG GALORE!


    Goldie Goes Global, October 12, 2021